Home For Me EP

by Corinne

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Recorded at Battle Ground Recording Studio in Charleston, South Carolina. Recorded, Mixed, Mastered, and Produced by the one and only Clayton Stokes.


released May 29, 2014

Lyrics for Catch My Breath and Bury Me written by Shant Ahuja and Kyle Jorgenson



all rights reserved


Corinne Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston SC
New EP -- Fall 2015

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Track Name: Home For Me
I feel like I am sinking to the bottom of the sea. A place that's become like home for me. I used to claim that I had no fear but now I can't shake the weight of all the things I feel, come to terms with I'm terrified of the unknown, and dying all alone. The cold keeps me from falling asleep. If I risk nothing, I risk everything. So, I wear my heart on my sleeve and let it tell the story of who I used to be. I'll just chalk it up to thinking too much.
Track Name: Catch My Breath
I swear I've been down this road before with my hands tied tight behind my back and nowhere else to go I'm screaming, "Let's make this work. Let's make this last." With my hands tied behind my back and nowhere else to go I'm screaming. I've seen this before broken down on the floor. Catch my breath, and listen to my heartbeat. If I catch this moment, will my strength come back to me? Three times I say do you remember? I screamed so loud you couldn't hear. Catch my breath. I've seen this before, broken down on the floor, try to get up but I can't, and I can't seem to catch my breath.
Track Name: Fly
Face down in my bed, and I couldn't give a fuck about the saddest things that are running through your head. So I'll just forget everything that we meant. Does it give you peace of mind to know you wasted all my time? If you could see me now, you'd wish you'd never let those words escape from your mouth. If you could see me now... It's not right. Don't say goodbye. My kiss won't hit it's mark when you want to say goodnight. I'm sorry to disguise. You can say goodbye to this endless night. I try to catch you but you fly away, fly away. Forget what I said. I never really meant it. If you can't love me now, you surely never loved me then. Don't try to pretend, I know that you planned it, and don't you fucking cry because you got what you wanted. If you could see me today, I'd let you know how good it felt to smash all of the mixtapes that you made. If you could see me now... It's not right.
Track Name: Bury Me
Bury me. Take one step back, look at this life, or bury me. I've been at this all night by myself. Bury me. I realizes this apathy has my soul and I cannot breathe (leave). So if we go, can we roam? I have met winter. Bury me. Summer left me with this. Bury me. My lost soul sees no boundaries, but I can't reach for all you've seen. So if we go, can we roam? Don't quit now. You can win. Bury me or take it back. You missed out the first time. Bury me or take it back. On my knees, reach for height a thousand times. Pick myself up, open my eyes, give this one more try. A thousand times, I've fought this fight, a mere lie. On my knees, reach for height a thousand times.